A Group Practicing Zen Meditation in Catskill NY

Please attend our new space at 346 Main Street in Catskill. (the third storefront in the former community center) Hours are 9:30 am Tuesday and Thursday morning.

Note: We are closed this week August 3rd and 5th

With concern about the latest spread of Covid19 we have reluctantly decided to require masks again for the month of August 2021 – even for vaccinated people while we are in our space. While this may be inconvenient and a little uncomfortable, it can also be a productive challenge for our meditation practice. Let’s contemplate our masks as we enter the exact moment in meditation.

Our Schedule

We practice two 25 minute meditation periods of Zen meditation every Tuesday and Thursday morning at 9:30 am. On Tuesdays, in addition to meditation we have either a discussion or … Read More

Getting Started

Getting Started is easy. Beginning instruction can be given at any of our regular times, please arrive 20 minutes before our scheduled start times. It takes about 15 minutes to … Read More

About the Leader

Musho Rodney Alan Greenblat is the leader and founder of the Catskill Zen Circle, and has over 14 years of training from the Village Zendo in New York City. He … Read More