Getting Started is easy. Beginning instruction can be given at any of our regular times, please arrive 15 minutes before our scheduled start times. The very basic way of Zen meditation that has been in use for hundreds of years will be described. There is time for questions and any special needs or concerns will be addressed.

There are four simple points to our meditation practice:

  1. Posture – Sitting upright either on a chair or a floor cushion
  2. Breath – Counting our breath cycles repeating from 1 to 10
  3. Thoughts – Watching our thoughts passing in and out
  4. Community – Sharing the experience of meditation in a group

After the beginning instruction you may join the group for meditation.
Cost is free. A $5 or $10 voluntary donation is greatly appreciated.

Experienced Practitioners are Welcome!

Long-time practitioners can help to anchor our new group that was only started in 2016. If you have been on a Zen retreat, practiced at another Zen center, or done meditation in another tradition, you are very welcome to join us here in Catskill. If you are visiting from another Sangha and you happen to be a student, senior student, priest, sensei or roshi, please come and sit with us!